Wednesday, June 14

There is really not too much to post about. Work is going well. I am actually starting to understand things a little bit better now.

Knitting is going pretty good too! I am working on a few projects (of course!). I ripped out a purse that I had knit from a pattern of my own design. I wasn't that crazy about the pattern and it was Noro. You can't waste that stuff!
I am almost finished with it. I have the handle left to do and then to sew it up. I am also working on a shawlette and some socks.

I had a really bad day today so I am going to keep this post short. I don't want to go into a rant about bad things and I am afraid I will do that! I will try to post later.

Happy Knitting!


SP8 secret pal said...

i hope all it well with you! :) expect my gift in the mail soon :) i'm sorry it's so late!! have a great week!

Polly said...

I hope by the time I type this you're morale has improved... I'm sending postive thoughts your way!