Tuesday, June 6

I want the comfy chair...

day 2 of my new job is going well. I am getting my feet wet still. I hate the chair that I am in. It is so dang uncomfortable. Most of the people around me have these horribly comfortable chairs and it feels like I am sitting on a rock. I think that when I am there for more than 2 days I will say something about getting a better chair. My cubicle is at the edge of an open walkway, so I am free for everyone to see. I understand my positioning, I will eventually have to walk around to see people and people will come and see me but it does kind of suck having yourself out in the open like that. The worst part...it is right by a VP's office. So I really can't goof off at all. Not like I would have the chance. We are so backlogged from only having one person doing the job it is not even remotely funny.

Stash reduction

Phase 1:


I am almost organized with everything. I have my yarn sorted out by colors and then also by weights. mostly my sock, lace and novelty yarns are seperated. I am hoping to have it completed by the end of the week. I stopped counting how much yarn I have. It was making me sick to my stomach. I think I am going to list a few things on ebay or else make a lot of stuff on size 19 needles.

Okay before anyone starts to think that knitting isn't about the process for me, they are quite wrong. I just have horrible start-itis. I will find that if something isn't working out quite how I expected then I a) leave it and move on or b) rip it out and move on.
Socks will always be there for me as process knitting. I can not find anything more pleasurable to knit than a pair of socks.

I will leave on that happy little note..

Happy Knitting


Polly said...

Not even a week on a new job and you are already heading towards disgruntled. ;)

SP8 secret pal said...

lol you are truly a sock knitter. ;)