Sunday, July 2

wedding bell blues? Nope not me!

Well, they did it. My friend who never thought she was going to be married, tied the knot last night. She was a beautifull blushing bride. For all the craziness that it was befor hand, it went pretty smoothly during the ceremony and the reception. The only real misshap of the night was my dress strap breaking! Of course, with the dress how it was I didn't have any thing holding me up so when I went to hug a friend I hadn't seen in a while, I almost gave him a full show. Thankfully someone had a safety pin! But of course the night wore on!

So, I picked up a few items at the Fiber Factory sale. *(AMY I REALLY DIDN'T SPEND ALL THAT MUCH ON IT and it was a super deal!!!!) A skein of allhemp 6 to play with, a couple of skeins of Debbie Bliss silk and a skein of silk kaalund to send to my secret pal.

Speaking of secret pals... I am sorry... I was just told today that I was sent a package. My office left a note on my door and when I read my comments I saw that you had asked if I received anything.. I haven't been home when they are open so I will get it as soon as possible. I am soooo excited about getting it! YAY!!!!! I will post pics of it when I open it! I can't wait!

I am off to bed. I was too tired to finish this the day I wrote it, I had to save it in draft and complete it on monday. I wish you all a happy independence day... this is my favorite of all holidays!

Happy Knitting~


Polly said...

Fiber factory sale? Do tell-- I would totally drive from NV for that!

SP8 secret pal said...

hi there. your secret pal here. :) i was scared you got the package and hated it. :( please let me know when you do get it. :)