Saturday, September 2

a quiz

So, what is the best thing to do, when you have a limited income because one of the two in the relationship is currently jobless?

A) scrimp and save and buy all of your groceries at the 99 cent store
B) decide to claim yourself as non profit and stop paying taxes on anything
C) sell all of your earthly goods, because you see it as a sign to go granola
D) buy an new couch set

If you answered D then you are correct. It was kind of a whim, kind of a planned thing, but either way, we got a smokin deal on it. We got it at Biglots. They carry the Ashley furniture from last season, and because I am not a slave to the sofa fashion world, we got a smokin' deal. For the fab price of $755.00, we got a couch, loveseat and ottoman! Sweet huh?

Knitting is going well, I have gotten quite far on my Charlotte's lace shawl! I will have to get a pic of that up when I can!

Happy Knitting!

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