Wednesday, September 20

color and colinette

I had to do it... I couldn't wait... I broke down and ended up coloring my own hair. I was sitting at work today and I realized that I hadn't had my hair colored since the beginning of May! This is an embarassment for a hairstylist. I had new growth of about 3 inches long... hideous! I couldn't foresee a time when I could get into the salon with one of the girls, so I just picked up the stuff from the beauty supply house and colored it myself. I just have to get my highlights done again, now... but ahh such is life...

I had a horrible day today. So, what is the best thing to do when life is crapola... buy yarn... I picked up some Colinette Parisienne. It is lovely.. not as lovely as my Kidsilk Haze... but it will do in a pinch :p

I am heading out tomorrow night to watch my niece's football game that she is cheering at. She asked me the other day if I wanted to and how could I pass down the opportunity to watch a Freshman Football Game???

Off to bed.. it was a long night.

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Kat said...

Want to come color mine? It has been about as long for myself as well! :-) How was the interview today? I have my fingers crossed for you! Hope you have an amazing Thursday!