Monday, September 11

Lala Land

I finished my Lala scarf last night. I will get a pic up of it as soon as I can. It was a really quick and easy knit. The picot/loop edge was a little time consuming but pretty none the less. It definitely adds that touch that it needs. I am ready to cast on for another one today. I love this scaf... I am thinking about making it a little bit bigger, but I wanted to make it as the pattern was written before I started my own alterations to the pattern.

I am kitten sitting today. My sister spayed a cat the other day that was about 4 days away from giving birth and the owner didn't want to wait and didn't want the kittens. My sister wasn't go to just let them die. I love my sister for being like that. She has known that she wanted to be a vet since she was about 8 years old and she is living her dream.

These little kittens are so dang cute and tiny. There are only two of them that have made it through out of 5. But these little guys are piggy pigs. I will have Amy take a picture of them tomorrow when she is sitting for them.

happy knitting.

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