Sunday, September 3

The most wonderful time of the year?!?!

It's that time again... Christmas knitting.... I always say that I won't do it, but here I am ready to go again.

I was once asked if we give at Christmas time because we feel that it is the right thing to do? That we are in the giving season. But I think for most knitters the giving season is year round. I mean, how many socks, hats, scarves, gloves, purses, can you knit for yourself without A) feeling slightly selfish and B) looking kinda like a weirdo because you are decked out in a knitted ensemble. Hmmm.

I told Amy that I wasn't going to Christmas Knit. I made her promise not to let me do it, but here I am going behind her back and doing it anyways.... I guess that there could be worse things to do!

Here is my list:

Amy's Grandparents
My Grandparents

I don't think that this is too shabby of a list.... I am going to stick to pretty much easy stuff. I am kinda in a scarf mood lately. Leave it to me to be a few seasons behind right?

I have found a few patterns that I want to try out and I figured that this was as good of time as any!

Happy knitting.

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Kat said...

Becky - I am jealous that you have a list already for Christmas!! I had better sit down and start mine - this is a good reminder. I can't be a last minute knitter this year! :-) Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!