Saturday, September 16


I have an interview set for Wednesday for another job. I said a little bit the other day that I was having job issues. I was truly excited about going to work for this company, but the completely misled me on what the job was and what I am doing.

When I was hired on I was told that I would be doing medical billing and in reality, I am a bill collector. What is the difference? In standard medical billing, I would be billing insurance companies and dealing with explanations of benefits and stuff like that. In bill collecting, I talk mostly to private payors who owe on their bill because of deductibles, co-pays, etc etc etc and try to collect money. So... There is a big difference... If I had wanted to be a bill collector, I would go to work at the phone co. again.

I am getting this feeling that I will never get my Charlotte's web shawl done. Every time I get into it, I end up having to back track a few rows to correct a mistake. I don't know why this pattern is getting to me so badly. Actually, it is one row that is killing me every time... AAARRRGGGHHH. I don't know what I can do to make this row better for me. Ugh. I will be really happy with it when I am done, I loved the colorways that I used and I know that this pattern is teaching me patience.

It looks like that is about it for now.

Happy Knitting.

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