Thursday, June 3

She works hard for the money

Okay okay okay, I suck at blogging! But maybe now that I have a job I can get a little money into this thing and actually show some pics and stuff. A little update on what has been happening with me. Things that I have finished. Which we know is not that much..... I have completed two bags ( lining included) They were based off a pattern in the Stitch and Bitch book buit I just mostly worked them myself. The pattern was just your average knit in a circle til it's long enough pattern and I just went from there. They were made form Tahki cotton classic and they turned out really pretty. I learned how to knit with beads when I made these. I think that i went a little overboard with the beads on the 2nd one but that's okay.
I am in the process of knitting a pair of socks for Amy's mom for her birthday. The are turning out all right. I haven't knit socks with just cotton before but I have heard from numerous sources to knit the cuff with elastic cord so that is what I did. I can see that this post can just about go on forever so I will make it short and give smaller updates on my projects that I am working on.
OH, before I get to what I am working on... I have been having the urge to knit baby stuff. Mostly because I want to have kids and since this isn't a good time for us to have any right now I have been wanting to knit for others... Well, I have my chance now... I get to knit for 3 (!!!!!) babies that are due in October, November and December! Awesome huh? So, know onto what I am working on:
Angela's* graduation purse - Black and red made from Lionbrand cotton yarn ( I am going to line with red and black bandanas) *Angela is so rockabilly, that this bag will fit her perfectly.
Lindsay's tote along: my friend Lindsay got this purse from AE and after going over it a million times I figured out the pattern. She paid $45.00 for a bag that will cost me $15.00 to make It is just done in cotton yarn!
Log Cabin Baby Blanket: This is my 2nd attempt at a baby blanket. (my sister calls my first one a stroller wrap. It just looked sooooo much bigger on the needles) For this pattern I am just following a simple knitted pattern.
I will post more of what I am working on later, but I need to get going. (oh my job... I work at sephora!!!!!!! Check it out at !
happy knitting

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