Friday, June 11

Knitting like a mad woman

I am knitting a purse for a friends graduation present and she graduates in 9 days. Looks like I gotta get busy. I was working on Angelas bag but I just don't think that she would use it all that much. I saw the cutest little slipper pattern the other day. A pal at my Stitch N Bitch group knitted them up. The ones she made are little felted bunnies! I got the pattern for them the other day and I think that I am going to knit my nephew a pair of the little puppy ones. I will get the link to them in a while.
I know that I said I was going to get some photos up, but I am still awaiting my first paycheck. I didn't get my paperwork done in time for direct deposit so it will take until next Friday for my $. I decided that I am going sign up for the TKGA ( I have been noticing that although I love my knitting it still looks kinda crappy. I think that having something to push me along will help that out. :) I was talking to one of my local guild members and she was telling me that the best thing that I can do is to be organized. Well, I will try.....
I gotta get outta here. I am already late for school but I am moving even slower than normal today. I guess it is because i am on day 6 of 14 of working and/or school with no day off in between. ( Have 2 nephew b-day parties in a row and I needed those days off.)
Happy Knitting :)

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