Thursday, May 13

Knitting Fool

So, I have been knitting like crazy over the last few weeks. (okay 6 weeks) but it seems like it has been shorter than that. Let's talk about what has been going on in my knitting world and elsewhere. I have been working mostly on fuzzy dice and a steering wheel cover. (FOR THE NEW STITCH N' BITCH BOOK!!!!) This is my first time going to be published as a knitter. How cool is that? I am sooo freaking excited. I will write more about this later. I did my prototype and then did the real ones. The second set came out soooo much better. I just have to get my patterns sent off and my pic sent off and will be good to go.
I have been working on socks like a Mo-Fo. I am getting kind of drained from them. I was in a KAL for a pair of socks called broadripple socks. The pattern for them is at . I have also been working on a pair of socks from the new interweave knits mag. Those are going to be for my sister. (hope she likes them) I am also working on a pair of lionbrand magic stripes socks. (this sock yarn sucks)
I am almost finished with a purse. I just have to line it and sew my handles on. YAY! I am working on another one that is similar to it. With some more subdued colors. I am learning how to knit with beads on these purses and it isn't too bad. I do think that I should take a look at a book or something as I have been free handing these patterns.
I am working on the skully sweater from the stitch and bitch book, I am almost done with the front and getting ready to work the back.
I have been getting a lot of other various knitting done because I am taking it to school and working on it when I don't have clients. I have 41 days left of cosmetology school and then get to take my state board licensing exam. AAAAAHHHH! I will be okay though, I haven't done too bad with the school's mock state board tests. A 91 and 95 were my last two grades. YAY.
Gotta get the next purse done. Happy Knitting.

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