Tuesday, June 29

K1, P2 Sock one and Sock two

So, I haven't been here in awhile. Big surprise! I still gotta get pics up but have been lazy. Sorry bout that. I have a quite a few things to tell:
1) finished graduation purse. ARRRGHH> She was so unappreciative of it. So there is one more person that i don't knit for.
2) I finally finished UGLY SOCKS! I gave them away to a friend that pushed me to finish them. She loved them. So they are now Dunn socks. But I know that I won't knit with Lionbrand Magicstripes anymore.
3) I am working on my cloverleafs again. They are turning out rather pretty. I am working on the foot of the first sock. YEAH.
Now more regular stuff to tell about: Have one complete finished square done of my log cabin baby blanket. Only 8 more to go. I went through my stash the other day and found that I have enough sock yarn to make 12 pair of socks. I am a little proud and ashamed of this. I have decided that i am going to really make an effort to knit from my stash as I have so many "fancy" yarns that I know I can give some awesome presents to people for Christmas. I am making a list of my "inventory" and going to decide what to make off of that. So it's like I am not spending any money for Christmas this year. YEAH!
So, knitting is a small world. I am involved the Phoenix Stitch and Bitch group and found out that one of the members dated my cousin for like 3 years. Weird huh?
On a final note to all of you... I AM HAVE ONLY 11 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT !!!!!!
Happy Knitting

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