Monday, June 7

I need to finish a project

Well, I had started a working on my clover leaf socks for the sixsox knitalong and they were looking horrible, so I spent saturday ripping them out. I was using a cotton and elastic together and while I was just winding away on the cotton I tangled the elastic horribly. I got as much as I could undone and then just tossed it. The elastic only cost me $2.00 and I don't have that much patience. All the power to those who do.
I am slowly working on Angela's graduation bag. I just feel though that she won't be into it. So I think I just might buy her something from my work. I think though that I am going to knit Alice a bag for her graduation. She is totally into them. I have about 2 more inches on my magic stripes sock before I do the toe and start on the 2nd one. I am going to give these to Amy's mom for her birthday. My goal is to work on these socks when I am not taking clients at school so maybe I can get them done before I graduate.
I haven't finished a project in a while so I have no motivation to really work on anything. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the skein of soysilk that I got. I was originally thinking of doing socks but I started them and they looked bad. I then started a scarf with it and it didn't look very good. So I moved on to a little bag and I think that it how it is going to have to stay. I don't want to waste any of that yarn ( it cost $12.75 a skein)
I have my Phoenix SNB tonight and I can't wait to go. I referred someone from my knitlist group to here and will meet her tonight! I got my friend Martha knitting but she doesn't have the same enthusiasm for it as I do. Oh well, a knitter is a knitter right?
Happy Knitting and will post more later.

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