Saturday, June 5

Yet another list to follow, but probably won't

I gave myself a new knitting list to follow. I cleaned out my knitting chest and I found like 4 unfinished projects. I won't spare the details of what they are.Just that they aren't finished. I have almost 1 square done for my first baby afghan. I don't really like knitting them so I think that I will pass on doing more when I am done. I will knit up some baby hats and socks for the other two babies that are going to be born. I saw the cutest little hat on a website for sale. It was knit with silver yarn and had a little silver ribbon knotted at the top to make it look like it was a little Hershey's kiss. How cute is that? I am thinking that I could re create that for less than the $30.00 + s&h that the company was charging. I just have to find some soft yarn in silver. How cute would that be?
Non knitting news: I got my hair chopped off today. It is a hell of a lot shorter than I wanted it to be. It kinda looks like a 60's mod cut. My bangs are still kinda long and so are the sides but the top and back are about an inch long. ( when I get the funds I will get a photo of the before and after me.
I officially have 5.26 weeks left of cosmetology school. I can't wait to get out of school. For all those that think being a hair stylist is sissy work. Try holding a pair of scissors with your ring finger and your thumb. Now move ONLY your thumb to open and close the scissors. Now, do this while hodling a comb with your index and middle finger and holding a STRAIGHT section of hair 1/4" wide and cut a straight line with it. Now do that all over the head!!!!!!!! * bonus if you can do it while they are talking on a cell phone and drinking coffee!
I got a ball of soysilk the other day and I started to knit socks with it. I didn't like how they were turning out so I think that I am gonna rip back on them and use the yarn for a scarf for a Christmas present. Don't know for who but someone will get it from me :)
Happy Knitting.

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