Tuesday, August 1

Since U Been Gone....

I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert last night. Mostly out of a charity case for my sister, who didn't want to be ditched by a group of 13 year olds. And of course, she was right, the minute they got there, they booked it. I thought the concert was going to be quite, well American Idol-fantastic.... But the girl can sing! I am not sure how many people out there are really into her pop music, but the concert aspect was awesome.

For those who haven't been to Cricket Pavillion, it is a total train wreck of a place for a concert. It is outdoors, the seat are horrible and it has a huge lawn area, but if you don't sit in just the right place for the lawn area you can't see squat of the concert. Luckily, we got a pretty good seat in the lawn section.

There was this little pad thing sitting out in the lawn area that hadn't been there before and most people thought that it was for cameras or something, but during her last two songs, she actually came to the lawn area and sang. It was pretty cool. My niece was having a heart attack because she was like 10 feet away from her with her friends. All in all, a pretty good concert.

I am tired and ready to go back to bed, but alas, work calls... I was going to hit some overtime in but not today, I am tooooo sleepy. :(

Happy Knitting. More to report Later.

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Mel said...

I have never really watched American Idol, but I find her music really fun to sing along with. Does that make me a closet fan? Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I agree that it's a real crap-shoot with the lawn seats there. I pretty much rely on the video screens...