Wednesday, August 23

Love Loss.

After haveing two wonderful months at my job, the company that bought ours out decided that it didn't need all of us. In a company of about 250 they took around 35. I of course was not one of those lucky people.I am trying to make the best of this and am seeing it as a motivator to get my house clean and what not. I have applied to what seems like a million jobs these last few days. So, hopefully I will learn something in the next few weeks.

And of course, how life always works that way, I come home, check my mail and I have a present from my secret pal! It was filled with lots of fab goodies... I got some lovely
Regia sock yarn in this colorway

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I love this color! I have socks already in mind to make it. My secret pal wanted to know if I liked Regia and yes yes yes I do... I prefer that over every other yarn type for socks. Maybe it is the part German in me... who knows!

I also got this little bad boy...

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I am super excited about this cause I was going to head to the store this weekend to buy some more!

The box was filled with lots more goodies... a yummy lime smelling candle.. It is lit right now! Powerful and great smelling! Some lip balm, a great eyemask, a little carryall sack, a notepad with fruit on it, tres cute and its going on the fridge, and a cool bookmark...

Ooooh. I also got to find out who my secret pal is...

Thank you Pal! I loved everything I got from you! I will get pics of those socks up when i get to working on them!

Off to work on junk around the house. Happy Knitting


Purse_Ho said...

i'm really sorry you lost your job! it sucks so bad!! you will find something new soon.

I'm so happy you got your box and like everything that is in it! :) it was fun being your secret pal!

Mel said...

I'm sorry about your job. Hope you will find something better soon.

Kat said...

Hi Becky - I am so sorry to hear you lost your job. I have found that out of the ashes - something better rises. I know this will happen for you!