Wednesday, August 30


I had one of those throw it to the ground I am done with knitting moments the other day. I was not able to get the jaywalker socks right. I was always having one extra stitch, then I would have to go back and couldn't figure out where the heck the problem was.

My CRAP-otis is sitting in my knitting bag, because some how i ended up with more stithces and rows that I needed for a drop stitch, which, by the way, I've dropped 8 rows of that so far. I have yet to have the patience to take that back, I mean how do you pick up dropped stitches that are all they way down. Do I even dare to try that?

I also was covered in webds the other day, from this lovely little number I some how added an extra stitch once again. So, I was half way unknitting my rows of mistakes and after dropping stitch after stitch after stitch, I said screw it and threw it on the ground mid row. It is still there this morning. I know that i need to go pick it up but dang it... i am just too proud right now.

Laundry is on my list of things to do today. I thought that not having a job would me be more motivating for me to clean the apartment, but nope, I am perfectly content to sit on the couch and watch the t.v.

On the job front, a guy from the staffing agency and I are playing phone tag. He has said that he has a couple of things for me, so we will see how that goes.
I also got a call from my old boss at Western. He had told me of a position open for what I was doing with another company and that he would give the guy my name.

So, we will see where that leads me. I am kinda enjoying this little vacation though.

Happy Knitting

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Kat said...

Yeah, Becky!! Now I wish I could help you with your dropped stitches - knitting lace and me don't mix well. I managed the socks from the Sprink IK - but I have cast on again - this time on a size 0 - what was I thinking, right? Those are not going as fabulously as the first pair did. I will be sending good Lace Knitting Karma your way! :-)