Friday, August 11

I am heavily working on clapotis. I am a few rows short of getting to the dropping part... I know I know what the heck am I doing sitting here typing on the computer when I am that close right?????????????

Truth is... I am exhausted. I went over and did a friends hair tonight...actually, it was hers, her husbands and the two boys hair...after working all day... I am poooped and I want to be able to throughly enjoy what I am going to do!

Maggiel, my chihuahua, has been clinging to me like nobody's business lately, so her and I are meeting my brother in law tomorrow and I get to watch my nephew while he does
ninjitsu practice.

If you happen to really look through the site.... he is so not that crazy about it... he keeps telling me that I should do it but I keep telling him nah.... Matt (my nephew) loves it cause daddy is a ninja and that is cool....

I picked up a copy of this book the other day

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I have a ton of people in my life that are getting ready to pop out kids and I want something easy to do...

Well that is about it for today... Happy Knitting :)

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