Monday, July 10

wooo hoooo!

A big fat thank you goes out to my secret pal. I was going to try to get some photos up but of course I dug into everything and well, it isn't very pretty to take a picture of a half used bar of soap and a dirty washcloth.... Okay

I made this sound horrible but my sercret pal sent me a super yummy smelling bar of soap Lemongrass. I could smell it outside the package. and a hand knit washcloth to go with it and this fabulous ball of yarn from fiesta yarns in a color way called quince. She also included a pattern to go with it!

Thanks again secret pal. I will post more later but I gotta hit the sack. work is coming super early tomorrow.

1 comment:

SP8 secret pal said...

yAY! you are using the soap and washcloth! :) i love giving gifts that people can use and like! :)