Sunday, December 3

I joined a gym this week. No real news to tell on that. I just had to do it. I was tired of looking at my fat butt getting fatter. These last few weeks for me has been a kind of rebirth. I had been letting myself go for a while, both mentally and physically. I got the mental part under control (or at least it is getting there) and now it is time for the physical part of me to get back under control. The surprising thing about this is that I had thought I would be quite sore after my first work out yesterday morning, but I was more tired from holding my nephew than spending an hour at the gym!

I am still knitting wash cloths. Nothing exciting about that. Sorry friends of the blog. Oh, I did finish a scarf the other day. It is really pretty. Didn't take me too long - It was knit on size 19's. Nothin' like instant gratification for me!

More later. Off to the gym and the grocery store. Have a good one! :)

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