Tuesday, November 28

Maggie ( my little pup) had 6 teeth pulled this morning. She is on a lot of pain meds right now. Although, the teeth were barely held in. Actually, they popped right out. YUCKKKKK! That is the one cool thing about having a vet in the family. I got to watch my sis do surgery on my dog. Not something that most people would want to see, but hey, it was pretty interesting to see.

I had a doctors appt this morning too... I had the day off of work, I just don't ever have the urge to go back in and work after a well woman exam.

I am knitting wash cloths right now. NO big Christmas knitting. Just a few for friends here and there.

Every year on my dad's side of the family (for as long as I can remember) we have celebrated Christmas together on Christmas Eve with tamales and ham rolls and pie and a millon other good things to eat. Then we opened presents and have a grand ol time. Well, this year we are changing things up a little bit. We are doing Christmas Eve on the 23rd this year and have decided NO PRESENTS. To be honest.. it is a heck of a lot cheaper this way. And i get to spend Christmas eve with Amy this year. I always felt bad about going with out her. (That is another story for another post). But this year I think we are going to sit and enjoy the light of the Christmas tree and have a quite night alone. Then run around like Crazy chickens on Christmas day... We always do! :)

I got a lot of what I was looking for on Black Friday. There were a few things I couldn't get my hands on, but oh well, such is life right?

More later

Happy Knitting

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