Sunday, December 31

Hollywood or bust..

Amy and I decided to have a fun new years eve this year, and we are spending it with a friend in Anaheim and then going to Hollywood for the evening. Last year we spent the night with me sleeping as I was sick as a dog!

I finished all my Christmas knitting it done last night. I used to love Noro Kureyon, and love knitting hats... but as of now... I am despising both!!! 7 hats in 8 days... ughhhh. No more hats... and right now... no more Noro... I thought I would never say that!

Oh.... my favorite Christmas gift I got of all... a ball winder... I also got a $25 joann's gift certificate... so if I plan correctly... with the coupons that i get from them... I can get a swift for $25 instead of the normal $70 price! YES!

I will post more later.... I am off to Chinatown... Maybe I can get some wonderful little trinkets....

Happy Knitting!

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