Sunday, December 24

I didn't get asked by my secret pal - but don't want to face the wrath of the yarn yenta ;)

Here are mine -

1)oddest present - I think that would be a decoupage vase that has my name decoupaged all over it.

2) oddest present asked for - While not really odd - just not traditional - I have asked for a food processor, a food slicer and of course a ball winder and swift

3) oddest ever given - That goes this week - I am giving my girlfriend a hubcap - she bought a new car in July and then at the end of August someone crunched the front end of her in a parking lot and stole the hubcap. She has been continually saying for months now that she has to go and get a new hubcap (the insurance didn't cover that in the repair) So I am sick of hearing about it.... and ordered her a new one !

4)worst present - That would be from my cousin Debra - she gave me the south beach diet book one year and then the next year gave me a "how to find a man " book -- Mind you the extended family doesn't know that i have a girlfriend - *That is another story in itself!

Have a merry Christmas I will post of Christmas morning - if I remember to! Have a happy happy happy one !

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Heatherly said...

lol! you have been saved from my wrath!
you crack me up!