Sunday, October 1

soaking in a warm bath

I would like that to be me right now. I am sore from being on my feet all day.. It is interesting how quickly you can adjust to sitting on the arse all day. But nope... I am sitting here typing... what is soaking you ask!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well it is my lovely Charlotte's Lace Shawl. I finished it this evening. The ends are woven in, and its sitting in a nice tub of warm water and waiting to be blocked. I am heading camping this weekend, so I might bring it along with me for some extra warmth.

I am having some problems deciding on a sock pattern. My heart wants me to work a pair of broadripples. They are my favorite sock, another part wants me to work some lovely lace socks and the other part of me just doesn't care right now. That is my focus this month. I am working on socks...

Well, socks and scarves. I am getting some Christmas scarves whipped up for a few of my friends. It's funny you know, there are people in my life where the only knitting I would do for them is quick and painless project. Then there are the other people who I would knit my death for... Interesting, huh?

Well, I think bath time is over.. I will get a picture of my shawl up as soon as I can.

Happy Knitting

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