Friday, March 12

Knitting coming out of my ears!

I have a serious knitting problem. I have been working on socks for quite awhile now and then I have, of course, decided to take on some wonderful new projects.
What do I have going on needles right now:
Logan's hat ( about 15 rows)
My socks

Preemie sweater started for charity group ( 8 rows started)
Sheep (actually not on needles just needs to be stuffed and seamed)
1 slipper done
5 rows of the first sock for my sister Kim.
And... I just signed up to start a knit a long.
ARGGHHHHH. I have got to get this crap outta here.
So, here is my pledge.
I, Rebecca, will not start any other projects, except Crystal's scarf because she needs it by the 29th of March, until I get at least 5 projects done. I owe that not only to myself but to all the people out there who are going to be getting these little gifts.

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