Tuesday, March 9

What I'm working on today

I am lucky to have Monday's off. I go to cosmetology school and my class days are Tues-Sat. So today is my Snday. I started on my own version of my rolled cuff socks. I think that I like them. They aren't turning out too bad. I tried to teach myself how to work 2 socks on 2 circs. but a no go. I am still working one sock on 2 circs. I started on my nephews hat yesterday, too. That didn't turn out so well. I think that I am going to Frog it and just knit a plain hat and then add the flames on later. The thing is that he won't care. He just wants a hat. Amy tried her socks on yesterday... didn't fit. I made them too short. This seems to be my trouble lately. I will try to make her another pair sometime in the future. More to write later.

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