Sunday, December 2

little bits

Just some random knitting postings today. I picked up a skein of yarn for my littlest nephews hat about a month ago, but realized that I should use some basic washable yarn for his hat. So I decided to get to work on a hat of my own... or at least one to give away.

I am not usually one to have to knit the yarn from the pattern. I am more than comfortable with switching out yarns and even refiguring gauge. I decided on this patten from Knitty. Lo and behold, it ended up being the same yarn, just in dark blue. I have seen people write this before and now I totally understand the truth to these words... mmmmm-Malabrigo.

I am going to be knitting a Christmas joke for my eldest nephew. I had knit up some wrist warmers in Kureyon in this color way... and every time he comes over, he asks for my "gauntlets of rock" I can't remember the pattern I used for them, but I am sure I can find one that is fairly similar.

I have more to add, but am feeling lazy. I will try to get some pics up this next post...

Happy Knitting

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