Monday, December 3

Holiday Cheer

Amy and I got a fake tree this year. It is not one that I am too happy about, but I had to give a little, right?

Amy is quite allergic to Pine and has been putting up with it for years. We also go into a "argument" every year about actually getting a tree, then it ensues an "argument" about the price of a tree, then it goes to an "argument" about putting it up and decorating it. I figured that if we got the fake tree, there is nothing that we can argue about, it is already paid for, and it goes together in three easy steps. and I don't mind the decorating. I also found the yummiest of the yummiest pine candle that engulfs my whole house. So, it is a nice compromise. The lovely smell of Christmas but with out the arguing with Amy!

The washcloth knits are coming along uper slowly...After getting a great jump start on them, my hands hurt and I am tired of cotton. I didn't think I would ever say that. I am one of the biggest cotton addicts there is. I just need to give myself a rest on it I think.

The ribbing on the hat is almost complete. It has about 6 more rows to be done. It looks really good.

I headed out at lunch today and grabbed some gifties for my holiday swap pal on Ravelry. I just have 1 more thing to pick up and then I will get the package off. Hopefully I can pick up what I need this evening! But will make no promises!!

More to come later. And I will get photos up... I have just been lazy.

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