Thursday, April 13

what's on my needles

I must say that having been gone so long I didn't think that anyone still read my blog. But imagine my surprise to read two comments!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I have been reading up on everyone elses.

To answer questions:

1) yep I am still knittin'. I haven't been very creative lately. I am just working on purses and junk like that. I haven't had real motivation. During Christmas my sister and I under took crocheting an afghan for my grandma. Of course we decided that 400 squares wasn't too much to crochet with two people working on it. Let me tell you. The only time it won't be too many squares is when you have to make less than 10. I don't think that i ever want to see another skein of mauve, rose, cream or burgandy yarn ever again!!!!!!!!
The closest yarn store to me didn't have much of a selection so I used up a lot of my stash. I have been getting a lot of really nice 1 or 2 skeins at a time and figuring out what to do with it. I knit a baby blanket. Actually I knit the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB The Knitter's Handbook. It was really nice... but then I got something on it and had to wash it. The label said it could machine wash and dry and of course me being so trusting, I ended up having a stroller rectangle!
Speaking of the 1 or 2 skeins of yarn. I have decided that I am no longer doing "Christmas Knitting". I have been working on things through out and have decided that I am going to just have an open house one night and have my friends pick and choose what they want.
I knit up the Leaf Cravat from one of the old Interweave issues. It turned out rather nice. I usually don't want to knit something twice... (you think I would learn this by now and do both socks at the same time...) but this goes into the definitely will knit again pile. Mind you, I only have two other patterns that I will do that with. The first one is broadripple sock pattern and the second one is a drop stitch scarf pattern!

Question 2: I am living closer to downtown. I am living near 19th and Thunderbird. Okay, I know that really isn't close but when you are living in Buckeye... This is a heck of a lot closer. I did see on the calendar about knitting on Thursdays, unfortunately I am working Thursday nights. One of these days I am hoping to be able to get off earlier and join... AAHHH other knitters.... that would be a dream come true!!!!!

So what do I have in progress right now... the better question is what am I not working on? In true Knifty Knitter fashion I have more projects that I can handle. I am finishing up the Edgar scarf from Fall Knitty. The Friend of last post about Roller Derby is wanting a purse, and of course because I can't just whip something together and call it done I have decided to chart out the roller derby logo and knit it up. The only problem is that I can't seem to get it to look right. Grrr!

What else? There is a purse that is needing to be finished and felted because I found this wonderful fabric that has playing cards and pin up girls on it and I was still in my Vegas mood. So I had to cast on right away for it! Then there are ideas that are just sitting on my head. I have a pattern idea that I think I might send in to Knitty if I can get it right. I just started really thinking about it a few weeks ago and haven't given too much real thought to it. Then there is a purse that I fell in love with and thought it would look so much better if it was knitted.... no casting on for that one yet, though. I know where my limits are.

I am watching my nephew on Tuesday nights now. My sister and her husband are taking two of their dogs to obedience class. I am so okay with this! After living with him for so long I get kind of lonely. Although I do enjoy being able to watch something other than Nickelodeon until 8:00 at night. Off to do laundry. That seemed to never quit in my life.

Happy Knitting

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Kirsten said...

Hi Becky! It's so good to "see" you again. I am so glad things are looking up for you. Will you come to Mama Java's sometime?