Wednesday, April 19

Girl you better work it.

So, I had a really depressing day at work today. Don't want to go into too many details but it was pretty crappy and confirmed that being a hairstylist is not the job that I want to do right now. I have been getting a lot of crap from both sides about what I should do. Here is what is happening.

I have bills that I have to pay and with what I am bringing in right now, our money is stretched tightly. I still can afford to do some fun things and make a purchase here and there but it is still tight. Thank goodness for "tip" money. That isn't allocated in the bills so that is my fun money! But the desire to own a house is strong and while I really don't have that many problems living in an apartment I want to live in a house. To have something that is my own and not just see my money go down the drain. And to own a house one day in my life I need to have a steady income and not one that goes up and down by season, month or even week. Frustrating.

But on the other side I have those little bees in my ear telling me not to leave the hairstyling world. That I need to give it a little longer, that I am doing really well in the year that I have been there. and that what happens when and if I want to start doing hair again. I am back right where I started. With a struggling clientele base and little money coming in.

And what about my clients???? Could i just leave them high and dry? Well, no I can't but i think that most of my clients will understand and that they would want me to do what is best for me. And those that don't understand well, screw them! Okay that isn't quite so nice but hey... I says what I feels.

So here I am on this. Stuck in the middle. I know that some of this hesitation to leave is my boss. When he can't get his way, he throws a huge fat fit. It is all about him or nothing at all. I have seen other girls leave and what they have had to go through while they are doing their last two weeks and it was hell for them. He rode their butts all the time and gave them crap about how they were selfish and blah blah blah... My sister and I were talking about all this and she had some good advice for me...

1) We all need to think about our tomorrow but if you can't get through your today then there will be no tomorrow. True enough dear sister!

2) You can have Dan ride your ass for two weeks and then you are done with it. Or you can come home to Amy and have her getting on you about your job and money until God knows when. Which one would I rather deal with???? Hmmm food for thought.....

No knitting to report. I have been to bleh to want to knit!

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