Friday, February 6

slipper sensation

I am working on some felted slippers for my sister for her birthday present in December - yes - that was last December if you MUST know... And the pattern is leaving me utterly confused. I am thinking I might just have to scrap it and go back to my original plan of making her some felted clogs. They will be equally loved I am sure. Both patterns are from Fiber Trends. The one I am having trouble with is the pattern for the ballet slippers. I have tried three or four times and it just looks so wonky. So I am going to work on the felted clogs. Although - my last endeavor with them ended up being to small for Matthew and Austin... (speaking of which I need to get those out to someone...)

I am going to try to work on some Christmas gifts this year. I have a few great ideas planned but it is hard to see them come to fruition (sp!).

I am going to be working on a few very exciting but topsecret gifts this year... maybe I will take small and cryptic shots of case anyone reads this.

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