Sunday, February 8


I had my first dyeing sucess this weekend with kool-aid. It turned out so much prettier and nicer than the last time tried to dye wool. I had a rather ugly skein of yarn that I overdyed with 2 packets of cherry kool-aid and it is really pretty now. I also overdyed 6 skeins of orange o-wool Balance with 15 packets of orange kool-aid and 2 packets of cherry. Lovely. Hopefully I can get the photos of them up when I get home tonight. I re-cast on for my Susie's reading mitts last night. I am using some left over knitpicks DK wool. They look kind of garish - but I know a friend that will LOVE them so she will be getting them for her birthday.

I have the picot edge done on one of them. I even put the seam together because I am horrible about seams and ends. Photos to hopefully come later.

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